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Women Warriors: Rick Owens Spring 2014

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Several dresses seemed to be pulled in two directions, figuratively and literally, and the ending parade of silvery jacquard dresses and black suits, a Dior trademark, felt like enforced uniformity rather than a bounty of options. It may never be possible to please all the people all the time.

Features Christopher Kane took inspiration from a recent trip to his high school and a biology textbook... Twitter Sign up for Hint?s newsletter, ?A Little Hint? Email Address Copyright Hint Fashion Magazine, LLC.

Boy, was it fabulous. In lieu of his usual gothic, lanky models, out came an army of stout, mostly black women. With angry pouts, they hit their chests the way a warrior would before entering a battle. They descended the giant scaffolding like automated soldiers, some wearing headscarves that bordered on the religious jaket korea keren and heightened the mystical, ritualistic atmosphere. Once on the runway, they performed disciplined moves that energetically melded tap dance, African steps, and marching, all while championing the four American sororities they're a part of.

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