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Yana V

J-FLEECE Toko Jaket Online Terbesar di Indonesia

Cover Stars: Rebel Wilson, Debbie Harry, Bryan Ferry and Chiwetel Ejiofor hungertv

fox8.tv Melissa, 16, Christina Ricci-lookalike, and my favourite of this year's Australia's Next Top Model contestants. She's a teeny tiny one (only recently grew to 173cm) and while her look isn't very on-trend right now, will jfleece always love the babydolls - that forehead :heart:

*Edit* Apologies, this is issue #39 and not #40. *mod note: corrected, thanks!*

Hips: 90 cm / 35½" Shoe size: 40 / 9 Dress size: 34 / 36 / 5 Eye color: Green

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