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The Best Products For Every Hair Color

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Image: fujisan.co.jp via tFS Forums (left) / IMAXtree (right) Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, Karlie Kloss covers Vogue Japan's November Issue, wearing a faithful reproduction of Saint Laurent Fall 2013 runway look, save for the beauty styling. This is the second recent example of duplicated runway styling on a Vogue cover: For American Vogue's October Issue , Sandra Bullock appeared dressed in a Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 gown, her hair set in the same beehive which accompanied the collection on the runway. At the time, forum member jeffandtheworld wryly tagged the cover as an example of "creativity" in the fashion industry.  The Saint Laurent fox jfleece fur coat pictured on Kloss is currently available on the luxury e-commerce website, LuisaViaRoma.com. It's  listed for $23,500 , import fees and shipping included.  Related:

The cover of the October issue, shot by the Vogue stalwart Patrick Demarchelier, features Eva Mendes, a remarkable-looking person who has very little in common with the girl next door. Carr goes on to detail Wintour's involvement with Glamour (which is down 28% in newsstand sales) and Condé Nast Traveler, where she oversaw recent masthead changes, documenting the Vogue editor's growing command over the entire Condé Nast empire. "Five high-ranking newsroom employees told me that the new order is both not up for discussion ? no one at the company wants to risk offending Ms. Wintour ? and all anyone is talking about," he writes.  [On a related note, both Condé Nast Traveler and Bon Appétit (also a Condé publication) announced today (via trade outlets  WWD and AdvertisingAge , respectively), that they were each taking their editorial in a new, sexy direction.] Anyway, there was supposed to be a point to all this and here it is:  More pictures of Selena Gomez leaving Four Season yesterday with Anna Wintour #2 #GomezNews pic.twitter.com/gHLZM8JIXd ? Belieber? (@BieberGomrz) September 22, 2013 Wintour met with Selena Gomez for lunch this weekend in Milan and now many outlets are  speculating that the pop star is being considered for a Vogue cover .

Whether you're sporting bright blonde highlights or you've been in the brunette brigade since birth, finding the right products for your mane can make a world of difference in your hair's health and vibrancy. From glazes to dry shampoos, specifically tailored to your crowning color, there are loads of options for keeping your shade shiny and strands swingy.

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