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Street Style: Fierce Bobs And Jewel-like Clutches In Milan

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The Cut Begin Slideshow Homeland actress and Emmy winner Claire jual jaket sweater polos Danes has stayed true to her sartorial aesthetic since she first stepped onto the Little Women premiere red carpet in 1994. Often choosing gowns that are simpler, with a sleek, polished feel, Danes always opts for a hem that hits below the knee and a fit that complements her slim figure. While bright colors, eye-catching sparkles , and bold florals are all in the actress's wardrobe repertoire, she's been known to dabble in darker hues and nineties-era makeup that harks back to her My So-Called Life days. See all of the actress's best looks in our look book.

The Cut Survey: Friends Sick of Hearing About Your Ex By Kat Stoeffel Fifty percent of people have avoided a friend or family member who talks too much about their relationship problems, says a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults conducted by Jennifer Kelman, ?a life coach with professional services website Pearl.com,? the Daily News reports . The number rises to 64 percent among 25-to-34-year-olds, suggesting that exes are getting more annoying . Or young people are harsher friends. Or this life coach just really wants you to pay her to analyze your texts.

And at the Emmy Awards last night, it was the trendiest dress color by miles. Sure, all the beige wearers tried to make their dresses unique, and you can picture stylists saying, ?See, this ruffle and/or neckline and/or bead detailing makes it really special!? But in the end, a parade of pale, pearly-colored dresses (also referred to as "nude" or "flesh") is like vanilla ice cream with no toppings: perfectly nice, but nothing to write home about.

The Cut Seen at Milan Fashion Week: Italy?s Subtle Shadows and Dramatic Sunglasses By View Slideshow In our second portfolio from Milan Fashion Week, the Cut photographer Lorenzo Masi took his lens backstage to stop time and capture both poignant and slightly crazed expressions (see: Cavalli) from the bounty of shows over the weekend. Appreciate how the light falls perfectly on a model's red coat at Emporio Armani , see a women's look of astonishment (or claustrophobia?) at Roberto Cavalli , and learn how to power pose from behind an enormous pair of sunglasses from a striking portrait of André Leon Talley at Bottega Veneta . More beauty from behind the curtains at Aigner, Philipp Plein, and others, in the slideshow below.

Street Style: Fierce Bobs and Jewel-Like Clutches in Milan By View Slideshow Over the weekend, fashion's most iconic bobs (and other hairdos) were out in Milan, attending the final flurry of shows before Milan Fashion Week reaches its grand finale today. The Cut's YoungJun Koo photographed the usual suspects in the street-style throng, from Anna Wintour 's impeccable bouncy hair to Anna Dello Russo 's tanned legs, Ulyana Sergeenko's turban to Miroslava Duma's strapless jumpsuit, paired with a cozy scarf. In addition to the ruffles, color, and prints, Milan Fashion Week had its fair share of creative, covetable bags. Click through the slideshow to see Tina Leung's manicured-hand clutch, Nausheen Shah's open-gridded mini-briefcase, ADR's fur purse, and more. As an endearing bonus, there's even a matching "mommy-and-me" Kenzo tiger-tee sighting.

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